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stanmer house
Stanmer House, Brighton

Stanmer House grew organic traffic from zero to 2,400 organic visits a month by investing in Local SEO

Stanmer House is a beautiful stately home of Georgian origin, located close to Brighton in the popular Stanmer Park.

A Grade 1 Listed building lying within the South Downs National Park, the owners wanted to boost visitors to their website and engaged Discover Digital for the task.


Stanmer House was in the hands of new owners, and they had no web presence. They needed to establish a healthy organic search footprint for their business, with the main aim of bringing customers into their restaurant and function bookings for weddings, parties and other private events.

With a brand new domain and website (built on WordPress) this was a ground-up SEO projects for a totally new startup business. For a bricks and mortar business like Stanmer House, a comprehensive Local SEO package was the perfect answer.

Intimate knowledge of the local market was a great advantage for us and we were convinced we could make a huge success of this project for the owners.

Goal: Establish healthy online search presence within 12 months


Selecting the right priorities within our SEO strategy is always key, but was relatively straightforward for this business type.

There are many restaurants that also serve as venues for wider functions, so our research led us to some great examples of similar businesses with extensive, high-quality SEO profiles.

Once we had examined and compared the SEO strategies that had performed best for these indirect competitors in the same industry, we were able to submit a detailed brief for the client.

This SEO Brief included a description of the different steps we would take to rank the website online, along with information about interesting niches we could focus content for the website on.

The package we put together for this client included many improvements to the page and link structure of the website, along with a regular schedule of researching and publishing quality, original blog articles on the Stanmer House website.

stanmer house blog
Stanmer House Blog

This alone would attract desirable traffic from the search engines once good rankings were achieved, whilst quickly establishing good domain authority for the new website.

Finally, a monthly routine of sourcing high quality inbound links to further boost the profile of the website was considered the cherry on the cake from an SEO perspective.

We knew we could make this work. The client quickly approved our SEO proposal, and we were off and running….


Search engine rankings for the new Stanmer House website were quickly established and improved rapidly.

Within 6 weeks of starting, the website was receiving up to 60 organic visits a day as a result of our SEO activities.

These visitors began booking meals and events and provided immediate cash revenues to the clients.

60 Organic Visits A Day Within 6 Weeks

Fast Organic Traffic Growth

Search rankings for the new Stanmer House website began appearing within a week and improved rapidly.

Within 6 weeks of starting our SEO, the website was receiving up to 60 organic visitors a day.

These users began booking meals and events and provided immediate cash revenue to the clients.

As with any marketing spend, generating enough revenue to become self-funding is a huge advantage to the client business.

Achieving this goal so quickly confirmed the client had made a great decision.

Their satisfaction gave us the freedom to continue boosting their traffic. Within 6 months the website was receiving up to 100 organic visits a day from motivated potential customers.

In the image below (taken from Google) you can see the sustained early growth, a typical seasonal dip in the summer followed by continued growth since September 2023.

stanmer house web traffic
Traffic for (starting from zero in December '22)

Quality Website Visitors from Organic Search

Getting organic visitors to a website is one thing. But we always have to ensure we are attracting the right kind of visitors.

One simple metric used to assess this is Average Visit Duration. This shows how long a user spends on your website. Logic dictates that the longer the visit, the more interested and engaged with the website the user is.

The image below shows that organic search visitors stay on the website around twice as long as from other sources.

This simple metric shows that our SEO strategy attracts a lot of traffic, but that the traffic was high quality and relevant.

stanmer house analytics
Data proving the quality of Organic Search Traffic

What Kind Of Return Did This Traffic Create?

Stanmer House entered into a minimum 12 month contract with our SEO Agency. This term has now expired but the contract continues on a rolling month-to-month basis.

This Local SEO Package is charged at £1,250 per month, or £15,000 per annum.

Using analytics to track bookings we were able to calculate the net profit from organic search visits.

The estimated value of the traffic adds around £90,000 to the bottom line of the business.

This represents an ROI of 650% on SEO spend with our agency, and a pre-tax cash profit of £75,000 in the first calendar year.

650% ROI on SEO Spend

Client Feedback

What the client had to say:

“Choosing the right SEO Agency was an important decision for us. We met and considered several, but decided to go with Discover Digital.

The main factors in this decision were the intimate understanding of the local market, and an extremely intelligent and proactive attitude taken towards making our business a success.

We have been delighted with everything Discover Digital have done for us and have already recommended them on several occasions.

Personally, I now trust them enough to forget about how our business is performing on the search engines. I can just wait for the monthly report to review our progress, safe in the knowledge that the news is always good.

If you’re looking for a reliable and effective SEO Agency then you must talk to Discover Digital.”

Luisa Baker
General Manager

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